Building Firm Foundations
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For over 27 years, Agape Little Uni. is an award-winning Singapore preschool that offers quality bilingual education (Early Years, Nursery and Kindergarten), child care and infant care services at affordable fees islandwide. We strive in Building Firm Foundations in children to prepare them for success in life. We achieve this by fostering strong values through Character Development, in a loving and nurturing environment.


Our programmes are strongly anchored in our philosophy and core values. Come and witness the Agape Difference! Your children will benefit from our lively and interactive approach to character development and learning.

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Discover how we develop your children’s intrinsic motivation to become active inquirers and independent learners.

What others say about us
Mother of Vianna (Nursery 1)
Agape Little Uni. @ Commonwealth
19 May 2022

“This letter is to thank you and your school for the overall development of my child Vianna. She is a student of class N1 Joy. In the past few days, I have noticed several positive changes in her attitude and perspective. These changes are because of the efforts made by the school (Agape Little Uni. @ Commonwealth). Special thank you to her class teachers Ms Rachel and Ms Tian for exceeding all expectations to assist with settling down in the class and fostering a genuine excitement for learning.”

Parent of Yong Xiang Yu (K2 student)
Agape Little Uni. @ Seng Kang Eastway
14 July 2022

Teacher Celesta and Jia Yin Laoshi, thank you for their guidance, teaching and interactive sessions with children. They learnt not only academically but also build up positive behaviour. Thanks to the cleaner who ensure clean environment and Aunty Joyce who cooks healthy meals.”

Parents of Johanna & Odelia
Agape Little Uni. @ Kallang
23 June 2022

Teacher Cheryl is one of the most motherly teachers that we have met. Her tendency to nurture and care makes her a natural preschool teacher! She is always willing to make time to update us on Odelia’s learning in school. We also appreciate all the photos she takes of Odelia for us which often make our day and fill our hearts! Qin Laoshi was instrumental in helping Odelia transition to the childcare setting. She has been patient and gentle despite the challenges and crying. She is also very friendly, often saying hi to Odelia even outside of school. We can see that she genuinely loves the children and gives her best in educating Odelia and her classmates. Teacher Jennifer often encourages the children to be independent, sometimes she believes in Odelia’s ability more than I do, and I’m surprised by how much she is capable of with Teacher Jennifer’s prompting! Teacher Jennifer is also very easy to talk to, and she often shows her concern for us parents too. Ms Shi Hui is a highly approachable principal and superb in communicating clearly to parents! Her love for both the children and her staff shines through in her various creative initiatives that we are most happy to support. We are very blessed to have Ms Shi Hui lead Agape Little Uni @ Kallang!”

Parent of Jethro Lai Xuezhe
Agape Little Uni. @ Thomson
26 May 2022

We appreciate the N2 teachers who are also looking out for the students closely and would always share incidents that happened in class, if it is of worry to them. It gives me a peace of mind knowing that should something happen, I would be informed and we could look into following-up with it.”

Parent of Chloe Soh Qiao Yi (Nursery 1)
Agape Little Uni. @ Cecil
21 April 2022

Well-organised overall events and management and effective communication. Appreciated the great efforts contributed from ST class teachers (teacher Anna, teacher Nikki and teacher Phua) for teaching well for my daughter especially in her speech development.”