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We are in the business of Building Firm Foundations in children to prepare them for success in life. We achieve this by fostering strong values through Character Development, in a loving and nurturing environment.

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Our programmes are strongly anchored in our philosophy and core values.  Come and witness the Agape Difference! Your children will benefit from our lively and interactive approach to character development and learning.

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Discover how we develop your children’s intrinsic motivation to become active inquirers and independent learners.

What others say about us
Tracy Yap,
Mother of Ashton and Shaylene
Nov 2016

Teacher Wang, from Agape Little Uni.@Commonwealth, is a very patient and caring teacher. She has gone the extra mile to educate my 2 children since 2014. She would spend time to revise with my boy, who is weak in writing Chinese words. This year, she continues to show her passion in character education with my little girl. Both my children love and respect her very much. I even shared with her my problems in dealing with my hot tempered girl. She would listen carefully and give me suggestions or even think of ways to talk to my girl. The strong bonding established between my kids and her is something I never expected. She deserved to receive this recognition because she has put all her heart into educating the young, and we can feel it. We appreciate what she has done for the children!