12th SCCCE Awards & Competition Winners

12th SCCCE Awards


This year at the 12th Singapore Chinese Culture & Calligraphy Art Exhibition (SCCCE), our children participated in the art competition over a zoom call of 1.5 hours. They unleashed their boundless creativity and imagination for the theme, “Sustainability – Preserving our Natural Environment (返朴归真)” and achieved the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards!

12th SCCCE Awards - Drawing over Zoom Call

Let’s take a look at their beautiful works and the meaning behind their creations. We are so proud of each and every Agape child who have participated in the art competition!

Gold Award

Agape Little Uni. Art Piece Gold Award

SCCCE Gold Award - Nur Shaqeena

Nur Shaqeena Quathu Binte Aziz Khan, Agape Little Uni. @ Compassvale



Silver Award

SCCCE Award - Art Piece by Zhang Wenyue

12th SCCCE Silver Award - Zhang Wenyue

Zhang Wenyue, Agape Little Uni. @ Thomson
A brand new day begins – time to sow a seed! Apple cores, fish bones, food scraps – I bury them in the ground, alongside my seed. The happy little birds sing sweetly, anticipating a beautiful tree to grow and thrive, with all the nutrients it needs! My New Garden will sustain life as long as I care for the living things around me each day.


SCCCE Silver Award - Rafeal LauSCCCE Silver Award - Rafeal Lau






Rafeal Lau Xun Han, Agape Little Uni. @ Compassvale



Bronze Award
SCCCE Award - Bronze

SCCCE Bronze Award - Gabrielle Yeo

Gabrielle Yeo Kai Xuan, Agape Little Uni. @ Compassvale



Other participants

12th SCCCE Awards - other participants

As part of Agape Little Uni’s commitment to Social Responsibility, Sustainability is one of the key topics we have included in our programme. We believe in the importance of cultivating eco-friendly values in the early age to maintain a greener future for the next generation. From “Bring Your Own Lunchbox” initiative to “Share-A-Bag” initiative, we have introduced various go green efforts to educate our children and incorporate this practice into their curriculum.

Here’s a video on our children’s learning journey on the topic of Sustainability!

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