Shaping inquiring minds to be beacons for tomorrow


Empowering each Agape child with curiosity and enduring values to confidently navigate the future

Agape means “unconditional love” in the original Greek language. It is defined as the type of love parents give unconditionally and wholeheartedly to their children; it is this same love that creates the best environment for a child’s growth.

At Agape Little Uni., we endeavour to replicate this environment to promote learning. In short, Agape strives to be your children’s “home away from home”, both for your child’s sake as we strive to live up to our namesake.



Green represents growth and embracement. An upright triangle rests on a solid base – denoting ultimate trust and reliability. The triangle is also representative of a mountain, a universal symbol of constancy, stillness and firmness.

It conveys the deep, steady trust that holds Agape and its community together.



Blue represents wisdom, confidence and responsibility. The “X” symbolises remaining steadfast and unwavering in the face of obstacles.

The “X” is a sign that connotes resilience, tenacity and grit – traits that Agape hopes its children and staff can embody.



Orange has the combination of energy from red and happiness from yellow. Circles convey a sense of completeness and harmony as they have no end and no beginning.

Circles also represent the qualities of “oneness”, unity and wholeness amongst Agape’s staff and students.



and love. The heart symbol represents unconditional love – the literal meaning of “Agape”.

The heart represents how Agape aims to empower parents, teachers and students through love. It symbolises humanity and represents how Agape priorities the individual.


Since its establishment in 1995, Agape Little Uni. Has grown from strength to strength to become one of the first ISO certified academic institutions to provide quality childcare and student care services. Agape Little Uni. provides continuity to the wide-ranging needs of parents with more than 200 staff and a full enrolment of more than 1000 children.

The Management of Agape is happy to share our progress as a POP centre since we joined ECDA scheme in Jan. 2016. Being a POP centre, we receive support from the government to keep our fee affordable to give fair opportunities to family of different economic status to benefit from Agape quality pre-school education.

Establish in 1995 with first center in Choa Chu Kang HDB Blk 789 New center open at Choa Chu Kang Blk 768/652 New center open at Jurong West HDB New center open at SengKang HDB Rebranding Setup new center in NTU Alumni Club Rebranding New center open at Kallang HDB Franchise open at Serangoon Orange Clove, Tampines and Central Relocate from NTU Alumni Club to Commonwealth New center open at Clementi New center open at Cecil Progress as POP centers Rebranding New center open at Compassvale HDB Blk 293B & 293C Purchased new center at Gambas New center open at Upper Serangoon Crescent HDB Blk 473D Speech and Drama Institute Rebranding Oversea Venture with Beijing Lirem EduTech LMS Teaching and Learning


Takes ownership of his/her learning, development & growth.



Take onus of their actions and the consequences that come with it


agape little uni preschool childcare values

Explores different ways to solve a problem & seeks new information


Shows empathy and respect towards the needs, culture & feelings of others in the society


agape little uni preschool childcare values

Listens actively and expresses his/her ideas confidently