Welcome to Agape Little Uni.’s new headquarters! A new milestone in 2020 that marked our 25th Anniversary. This has inspired the interior designers from NAFA with a concept called Continuity. For Aspiring Agape Little Uni. to continue to growth in education and love with positive attitude for the coming years. The primary goal is to emphasise on its core values and identity using lines, shapes and colours as the design language and elements seen throughout the space to create a fun environment for all as we bring the outdoors to indoors.

Branding Wall

Step in to the HQ and be welcomed by the colorful lines that leads to different division.

Green for TRUST, leads to HR & Finance Team – who we can trust in holding Agape Little Uni. and the community together. Reliable in handling the finance and employee relations.

Blue for RESILIENCE, leads to Curriculum Team – responsible for children’s learning programs and in preparing for the children’s future.

Orange for UNITY, leads to Training Rooms – a spacious room for holding meetings and gatherings that’s unifies the people.

Red for EMPOWERMENT, leads to Director’s Room – the heart and foundation of the company. They empower individuals and connect everyone to become one family.

Relax Area

Work can be stressful; therefore this area is designed for employees to relax. Letting the employees to have their own quiet time and work with a view. A hand painted mural by the designers represents different kinds of tropical leaves. Complimented by the colours of the flowers, it makes the place more vibrant. Also, it enhances the connectivity to nature as staff spend most of their days working on their computers. Adding soft furnishing on a hard cold flooring by layering the carpet is a simple way to add texture and pattern to the space.

Lounge Area

The lounge area is space for directors to have small conversations such as consultations and mentoring with guest or employees. To give a relaxing and calming effect which helps to ease the mind, adding soft furnishing and greenery such as the wall plants liven up the atmosphere and breaks the silence of the seriousness in the space. They not only serve as decor pieces that brightens up the space, but they also help in adding an overall inspiring touch of green that helps to improve the overall ambience.


Designed to feel like home to give a comfortable atmosphere. By adding a hint of greenery, colours and music at the background. It is a perfect place that encourages connectivity for the employees to enjoy their meals or even hold small meetings as well as photos that could start conversations. Making the overall place more lively and vibrant.

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