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Hygiene is of the utmost importance, especially as we have been plagued with COVID-19 since 2020. Taking pride in our work and utmost focus on not only learning and development for our children, Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas takes the hygiene and cleanliness of the centre very seriously and diligently places efforts to upkeep the centre at all times.

LOO Award Agape Little Uni Gambas

With a champion leading the team every year to continuously upkeep and maintain the quality of the centre, our staff are very familiar with the expectations on having a conducive environment for our children and have been SGclean certified as well as NEA approved as a centre for excellence in our environment hygiene practices. We thank our team and housekeepers, led by team IC Ms Saw En Shin, Ms Hsu Ying and environment coordinator, Ms Corrinne Cheong, for their efforts in education plans and centre leadership in this area.

LOO Award Agape Little Uni Gambas 2


Happy Toilet @ Preschools Programme Awards 2022

On top of these, every year, we have been participating in the Happy Toilet awards where annual inspections are conducted to ensure high standards of cleanliness and a robust system for our processes and regimes are set in place. In 2022, we are proud to share that we have a double celebration to announce where Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas and Agape Little Uni. @ Clementi have achieved the title of Platinum Award for our three-year certification under our Happy Toilets @ Preschools Programme.

LOO awardIn addition, we are also elated to announce that our housekeeper, Ms Wong Fah Lan from Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas has also been acknowledged by the ministry for her efforts to uphold high sanitation standards, thus, awarded the LOO awards 2022.

Working at Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas for more than 3 years since the beginning of the official opening of the centre in 2019, she had gone through and overcame many challenges during her time through COVID-19 and was always seen putting her 200% effort to ensure that the centre was clean and ready for the children everyday. We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to Ms Wong Fah Lan and Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas for her very deserving achievement.

We are truly grateful for everyone’s team efforts every year, and give thanks for the efforts that all centres have put in to ensure every Agape Little Uni. is a safe and wonderful place to learn and work in. We look forward to serving everyone as best as we can and thank all families and friends for trusting your little one’s with us. Once again congratulations to the Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas and Agape Little Uni. @ Clementi, as well as Ms Wong Fah Lan for her contributions.

Together We Are One!


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by: Ms Corrinne Cheong & Ms Jasmine Chua  from Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas


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