Enriching Children’s Appreciation of Art

Innovation Guidance Project Artful Conversations:
Enriching Children’s Appreciation of Art

Agape Little Uni. embarked on this creative journey in partnership with the Early Childhood Development Agency, ECDA, to bring artful conversations to our children with the hopes of providing a firm foundation for them in the arts. In our project entitled “Colour the world with love” we intentionally worked on showcasing children’s perspective of the world around them through art elements such as colours, shapes and various mediums of techniques.


“Art is a place for children
to learn to
trust their ideas,
themselves and what is possible”

– Maryann F Kohl


Not only is it critical for children to be able to express what they have created, but also important for children to be able to

Observe closely Think critically Discuss respectfully

In this project, we specifically selected local artist, Ms Nur Aida Sai’ad, who specializes in elements of colours (pop colours) accompanied with vibrant accents to enhance her aesthetic works. This was a perfect choice for the children as her works spoke to them through her attractive choices of mixes in colours on various mediums such as bags, plate, paper, canvas and more.

With that idea in mind, we formulated a programme for the children beginning with a launch workshop to equip children with an understanding of the techniques they were about to learn. This workshop led art instructor, Ms Saw En Shin to introduce the children with these three objectives in mind.

To do this, we created an education programme for both children and teachers. The children embarked on a series of 8 sessions to target a thought process that would specifically require children to make informed choices, ask questions and be ready to convey their thoughts through their work at the end of the journey.

Programme Mind Map

The teachers on the other hand also attended training on how we could teach the children about the various art techniques, elements of art as well as questioning techniques, stemming from our own creativity and willingness to empower the children. This was done through our art workshop and training on provocations to open up the minds of our children.

The programme was not only an eye-opener for the children but staff as well, as we worked on understanding and exploring creative arts with a new perspective of how we could bring joy to the world in this time of the pandemic. With Covid safety measures in mind, we evolved to come up with our first window display exhibition in view that parents could not enter the centre to enjoy the children’s beautiful artwork. This was done with the support of the team as well as our NAFA interior designers.

From this experience, the children were given a platform to be curious, have a choice and control over their learning and to learn through their senses. We look forward to more meaningful experiences and thank our partners ECDA for working with
agape Little Uni. to ignite the beginning of this wonderful journey.

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