Interview with Minister for Bukit Canberra Sports Hall Opening Event

Inquiry Bringing Together Community One-ness

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As part of our inquiry programme, our K2 children (6 year olds) learnt about how media plays an integral part in our daily lives to build connections to the people and community around them. During our discussion, the children explored a lot about how we can practise social responsibility by being advocates and confidently spreading positive messages to the public.

In collaboration with Ms Zhao Xiu Min, Founder of Singapore Children’s TV, we worked on enabling our children exposure to 21st century skills such as building confidence to conduct public speaking. Through this collaboration initiative, our children took on the persona of a little reporter to interview public figures (in English and Chinese language) as they explore topics of interest!

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Taking this opportunity, we were honoured to be granted an audience with our Sembawang Group Representation Constituency (GRC) MP Mr Ong Ye Kung during the opening of the Bukit Canberra Sports Hall opening ceremony in which our little reporters personally conducted an interview on lifestyle and wellness. We were very thankful for all the support from the parents and team members led by our teachers from Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas, Ms Liu Guiying and Ms Saw En Shi. It was a wonderful experience for the children as they were empowered to conduct public speaking and also show togetherness led by the representatives of “Sayang Sembawang” to bring our community together as one.

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By Ms Jasmine Chua, Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas


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