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Blended Training  @AGAPE 

The provision of internal training support has always been the priority of AGAPE, based on the training needs identified in our annual training needs analysis, to meet our employees’ internal training requirements. This year, we embarked on blended modules for our internal training sessions for our educators, consisting of online sessions and physical in-class sessions. This initiative was well received by educators, and we are glad to share with you a glimpse of the content of the training and the key takeaways they obtained from it.

Training Module 1 – Curriculum Induction 

Through Agape Little Uni’s curriculum induction training, participants gained a deeper understanding on how Agape Curriculum Framework principles are applied in the classroom every day and how they are incorporated into the curriculum. Two key components of the program were the Brain Development and i-STREAM Framework sessions. Participants in this training developed a better understanding of the brain and were able to design activities to stimulate different parts of it.

Agape Little Uni. Curriculum Induction











Training Module 2 –  Assessment for Young Children 

Designed by Agape Little Uni, Assessment for Young Children is a module that aims to provide tools and resources that teachers can use to assess how children are developing, and come up with interventions that will enhance children’s progression and learning.  Through the training, participants were introduced to a variety of tools that can be used to collect, interpret, and assess information about children’s learning and development. Thereafter, participants will make use of the assessment tools and prepared appropriate intervention plans that will address to the different learning and developmental needs of children.

Agape Little Uni. Assessment for Young Children












Training Module 3 – Environment Design 

Agape Little Uni. developed an Environment Design module as part of the curriculum training to support our educators in setting up a purposeful and conducive learning environment. Participants had the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the specific components under the eight principles of classroom design. With this knowledge, it gave them the confidence and skills to design an engaging classroom environment for the children. 

Agape Little Uni. Training

AGAPE Collaborative Learning Opportunities 

Virtual Lesson Study Visits 

In AGAPE, the Lesson Study Visit (LSV) is designed to dovetail and align with the Singapore Skills Framework (SFw) set for the Early Childhood Sector. It is a very important component of the Learning and Development Program.  It has always been AGAPE’s priority to consistently equip our educators with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies through a variety of activities, and LSV is one of them.

We believe that these opportunities will:

  • improve the quality of instruction in the classroom
  • enhance the learning experience through their reflective practices
  • bring about the demonstration of leadership qualities as they observe and support other teachers 
  • provide evidence of high-quality teaching in order to support educators in their career progression
  • facilitate a process for gaining feedback on significant teaching moments 
  • develop a learning culture by creating a community that revolves around teaching and learning.
  • give the opportunity to observe and emulate the best practices in teaching
  • serve as an opportunity to learn more about the types of teaching technologies available today

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