NParks: Community in Nature Schools Award 2022

Gleaning Lessons from Nature

Teachers and students of Agape Little Uni @ Clementi Pte Ltd can attest to the myriad of teachable moments that nature has to offer. For instance, the sighting of a butterfly in the school’s garden led to a student recalling what she had learned previously about its life cycle. On another occasion, finding an earthworm in the soil was not only an exciting discovery for the students but also an opportunity for the teacher to prompt her young charges to ask thoughtful questions about its role in the garden.





In 2021, the school participated in Green Wave and the Playtime series as part of NParks’ Biodiversity Week for Schools. Guided by their teachers, the students planted the butterfly-attracting Red Tree Shrub (Leea rubra), bringing them one step closer to fulfilling their aim of creating a butterfly garden in their school. Through rich learning opportunities in and outside of the classroom, students are able to explore the natural world and be molded into environmentally conscious citizens.


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