Agape Little Uni. @ Cecil: Obtaining Spark Certification


Ministry of Education (MOE) launched the Singapore Pre-school Accreditation Framework (SPARK) Certification which recognises centres with strong teaching and learning practices which include a well-designed and integrated curriculum, and strong pedagogies to support children’s holistic development in an environment conducive for learning.

Let’s hear from our Principal, Ms Mariayati Binte Jayos, from Agape Little Uni. @ Cecil on how she has led the Cecil team through the journey of obtaining the SPARK Certification renewal and what are the challenges faced in 2021.

How has your journey been like?
“Agape Little Uni. @ Cecil will be undergoing SPARK Developmental Assessment soon as our SPARK certification is due for renewal. As a fairly new Principal who just joined Agape Little Uni. @ Cecil last year, it is challenging as there is little time to prepare for the upcoming assessment. Nonetheless, it has been fulfilling to be able to set up the learning environment together with the team after our minor renovation last year. We spent time discussing and sharing ideas on creating meaningful and engaging environments inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach. With that, Agape Little Uni. @ Cecil is ready for our SPARK developmental assessment.”
What are the challenges faced?
“The teachers did not have much knowledge about the learning environment (often viewed as the 3rd teacher under the Reggio Emilia Approach). Hence, I have shared with the teachers about the approach and the importance of setting up purposeful learning environments for the children. Our environments should provide opportunities for children to express their ideas and thoughts through various means and forms of expression such as the creative arts and through the use of provocation tables. The teachers has also learnt to use “Pinterest” to find ideas to set up their classrooms. Gradually, the teachers have showed progress in setting up their classrooms and with the mentoring from the leaders and the core team, they managed to set up purposeful learning environments for the children. The teachers have definitely shown a lot of improvements in their classrooms set-up!”



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