Our Staff, Our Core.

A centre’s environment is not based on just the physical outlook of our displays and layouts but it is also defined by the people in that environment – our staff. In Agape, we take pride in not only building relationships with all children and parents but also between all our staff. Each staff contributes to being Agape’s firm pillars to hold it up strong. As we move towards instilling the values of Trust, Resilience, Unity and Empowerment (TRUE) in all centres, they worked towards demonstrating these values in their actions. Understanding how to trust one another throug our work, being resilient through difficulties, staying united in times of adversity and feeling empowered with the encouragement of one another will result in a bonded, forward-looking team and motivated group of teachers who feel they are a valued member of the Agape family. They are then willing to care, look out for one another, and go through difficult periods as a team. Together, we are one Agape!

Staff Appreciation NightStaff appreciation night

Staff were each other’s “angel” and prepared notes and gifts for their partners. Teacher Shikin and Chang Laoshi as featured above overcoming language barriers in expressing their appreciation for one another!

Guess Who Am I

Guess who am I

This is a staff bonding activity where teachers were required to act out a positive trait of another staff for their team to guess.


A TRUE refreshment

Instilling our values in our staff through a cookery session. This team came up with pizza slices that reflects the 4 shapes that were designed and made to represent each value of Agape.

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