Parent-child Virtual Workshop: Bringing the Outdoor, Indoor


Bringing the Outdoor, Indoor!

The great outdoors await – even while we’re indoors! In April this year, Agape Little Uni. @ Thomson conducted a virtual parent-child workshop on outdoor learning. Hosted by our Principal, Ms Ng Hui Xin, and Vice-Principal, Ms Zhang Junnan, the workshop offered insights into the benefits of nature-based play, as well as ideas and inspiration on bringing outdoor learning experiences into an indoor setting.

Why Outdoor Learning?

In alignment with ECDA’s guidance, outdoor learning enables children to engage their five senses in deeper learning and fosters creativity and focus. Outdoor learning also encourages children to be more connected with the environment around them. In addition to connecting with the environment and their senses, playtime involving nature significantly improves the physical, mental, social, and emotional development as well. According to Nature Play Queensland, nature play helps children grow in resilience, self-confidence, learning ability, concentration, creativity and more.

Creativity in Action!

During the workshop, parents and children were provided our specially curated Workshop Materials Box. Our parents and children were guided to co-create stories and scenes by employing both the materials within as well as a wide range of natural materials such as stones, twigs, and leaves. From a hungry little bunny looking for food, to a triceratops that learnt to be gentle, the children demonstrated their imagination, creativity, and ingenuity in utilising the materials at their disposal to showcase their unique story ideas!

Fun and Enriching Bonding Time Together!

The Outdoor Learning virtual workshop was met with positive reviews from families who joined in. Here are a few sharings by our parents who participated in the workshop!

“The artwork session stimulated our child’s creative thinking,”

– Mr Chew, parent of a Nursery 1 child

“The workshop was a great opportunity for parent-child bonding time,”

– Mrs Neo, parent of a Smart Toddler child


Overall, parents and their little ones enjoyed a fun Saturday morning discovering the joys that outdoor learning brings, even while one is indoors! The Thomson team is grateful for our parents’ and children’s active participation. The enthusiasm and support by our parents will certainly inspire us to create more learning experiences that parents and children can enjoy together!


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By Teacher Lin Fangying and Teacher Chin Lee Ying, Agape Little Uni. @ Thomson


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