Preparing Children for Primary 1

The First Day of school can be stressful for children as they need to get adjusted to new routines along with a sea of new faces from friends to school staff. It is, therefore, important to start off by addressing the school routine and experiences that they might encounter in primary school.

Dollars and cents
Equip children with the basic monetary sense. Children should be equipped with skills to do basic counting and planning what they can purchase with the amount given. Parents can start off by giving children an amount of money and have them plan and purchase food items on their own

Site Recee
Bring the child to the school for him/her to familiarise with the school setting. Talk about the routines of flag-raising, recess break and dismissal after school. Ensure that your child knows where the after-school pick-up point will be and who to approach if parents/guardian is late. Visit the school website to see if you can get more information about the school. Go through the rules and regulations and discuss acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour in school. Involving children in the process

Bring your children to purchase uniforms, books, stationery and bags. Have them make choices and guide them on the importance of packing their bags. Involve children in packing their bags.

Sharing of experiences in school
Talk about the different roles each staff plays in school and how they can form new friendships in school. Acknowledge and address all the concerns and anxiety that your child may be facing by equipping them with the skills and strategies to overcome such situations
or challenges.

Following the school timetable and completion of homework may be new experiences for children to adapt to. Back at home, start off by getting children to plan their weekend timetable to ensure that there’s a fair distribution between work and play.


It will take time for your child and you to adapt to the transition. Setting time aside to understand your child’s progress, and cooperating with the teachers in his/her school, is essential for their education.

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