Principles of Teaching & Learning

AGAPE’s five principles of teaching and learning, together with our distinctive five core values, are woven into our everyday practices in the centre. It acts as a guide and bearing for our team of teaching professionals from all levels (Infant – Kindergarten 2) to reflect, evaluate and strengthen pedagogical practices.

Character development and learning form the core foundation of AGAPE curriculum, with the aspiration of instilling life-long learning and values in young children.

The AGAPE Learner Profile

The curriculum aims to develop all AGAPE children to become a person who:

  • Love – loves himself, others and the things he do
  • Wisdom – uses wisdom to discern what is right and wrong;
  • Integrity – values integrity and seek to lead a honest life
  • Discipline – has the discipline and tenacity to withstand the odds to fulfill a dream
  • Passion – sets high expectations for himself so as to achieve excellence in life
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