Our programme aim to develop the Agape child to loves him/herself, and to love others as self; uses wisdom to discern right from wrong; values integrity and seeks to live an honest life; possesses incredible passion to do things well and strives for excellence in all undertakings; and demonstrates discipline and tenacity to withstand all odds to fulfill a dream.


Smart Toddler Age Group: 18 mths. – 2 yrs.

Nursery 1 Age Group: 2 yrs. – 3 yrs.

We believe that children learn by doing and socializing with others. Our Early Years programme provides children with a strong language foundation. It is a powerful platform which prepares them for deeper learning and exploration as they progress to the Preschool programme. We build children’s listening and speaking skills through interesting and purposeful activities such as stories, drama, music and the arts. As the children immerse themselves in these activities, they learn to communicate and apply new words when they converse with others.

Leveraging on children’s active nature, we provide learning experiences that enhance their gross and fine motor skills, and self-help skills. Through these experiences, children develop self-control, which improves their social and moral capacities and hence, increase their learning performance.