Our programme aim to develop the Agape child to loves him/herself, and to love others as self; uses wisdom to discern right from wrong; values integrity and seeks to live an honest life; possesses incredible passion to do things well and strives for excellence in all undertakings; and demonstrates discipline and tenacity to withstand all odds to fulfill a dream.


Infant Age Group: 2 mths. -17 mths.

Our Infant and Toddler Programme focuses on daily interactions, relationships and experiences with children and their families. The success of infant and toddler programme lies on our daily interactions with the children and their families. We place great emphasis on home-school experiences in our curriculum as parents are the first teachers of children and they are irreplaceable. The roles of our Educarers are to support the families in developing children holistically.

Activities with infants and toddlers include the integration of various learning areas such as language, music appreciation and motor skills development. They are achieved through storytelling, songs & rhymes and sensorial games.

We see routine care as part of the curriculum. Routine care provides opportunities for bonding and interactions. Schedules for infant and toddler programme are flexible and accommodating to individual needs.


Smart Toddler Age Group: 18 mths. – 2 yrs.

Nursery 1 Age Group: 2 yrs. – 3 yrs.

We believe that children learn by doing and socializing with others. Our Early Years programme provides children with a strong language foundation. It is a powerful platform which prepares them for deeper learning and exploration as they progress to the Preschool programme. We build children’s listening and speaking skills through interesting and purposeful activities such as stories, drama, music and the arts. As the children immerse themselves in these activities, they learn to communicate and apply new words when they converse with others.

Leveraging on children’s active nature, we provide learning experiences that enhance their gross and fine motor skills, and self-help skills. Through these experiences, children develop self-control, which improves their social and moral capacities and hence, increase their learning performance.


Nursery 2 Age Group: 3 yrs.- 4 yrs. 

Kindergarten 1  Age Group: 4 yrs. – 5 yrs.

Kindergarten 2  Age Group: 5 yrs. -6 yrs.

Our Inquiry-based learning programme (IBL) focuses on children’s innate abilities to explore, communicate and make meaning of the world they live in. IBL equips children with the 21st century skills to prepare them for success in an ever-changing world.

Using a systematic approach to inquiry, children combine the use of process skills (e.g. observation, communication, data handling) to find the answers to their questions. Children learn to think critically and solve real life problems.

Every unit of work is purposefully selected. The content of each unit is significant to children’s current experiences or issues around the world. Skills and knowledge such as language, literacy, mathematics and arts are integrated into each unit of work through engaging and relevant learning experiences in the classrooms and beyond.


Every year, Agape Little Uni. organizes interesting camps and workshops which inspire children to embrace challenge and develop the love for learning, discovery and creativity. Our camp programmes are aligned closely to our vision of building firm foundations in character and learning.

Our camps and workshops ranged from a 3-day to a 2-week event. Children will engage in experiences that increase their abilities and confidence to manage authentic situations in their daily lives. The types of learning ranged from acquiring an entrepreneurial mind-set to developing tenacity in a ever-changing world.

Led by a team of professional teachers and trainers, Agape Little Uni.’s workshops and camps typically comprise of the following programmes:

  • Character-building
  • Arts
  • Cultural appreciation
  • Outdoor adventure
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Science

View our past camps:


In Agape Little Uni., we understand that young children are lively and vivacious. They enjoy expressing themselves through arts! This is why our enrichment activities are specially designed to discover our Little Agapians’ passion and talent, while they explore their imaginations and build their confidence! Through our A_Dream Speech & Drama and Muse Arts programmes, every child can become the little performers of their dreams.


One-time Price: $21.40
Monthly Price: $85.60

Every child is an artist. In A-Dream, dreams come true when children discover they can become anything or anyone they wish to be!

In this programme, we encourage Little Agapians to explore freely in a responsive learning environment through songs, dance, recitation and drama. Children’s artistic interests are stimulated as we provide a head start for them to discover their language skills and performing talent.

Speech & Drama allow children to interact with one another and express themselves with words and movements via various performing arts. Through a series of fun and engaging activities, we cultivate their confidence and enthusiasm.

What your children will learn:

  1. Build child’s interest and confidence in Chinese language
  2. Enhance child’s ability to appreciate, express and perform through various performing arts
  3. Holistic development in child’s language, physical, social, emotional and cognitive.
  4. Appreciation of the arts
  5. Impart moral values and instill good manners
  6. Enhance child’s self-learning and independence


agape little uni preschool childcare muse arts

Muse Arts Creative Rhythm & Movement Programme

At Muse Arts, we encourage the imaginations of our Little Agapians and allow them to tap on their natural curiosities! Catered to children aged 1.5 to 6 years old, the activities help to develop their cognitive functions through purposeful play and dance.

The hands-on interactive programme is designed to encourage children to express themselves musically through a variety of musical instruments and dance activities.

With a keen focus on intellectual, emotional and artistic development of our Little Agapians, Muse Arts allows young children to pick up new skills and have fun at the same time!

What your kids will learn:

  1. Original music by Muse Arts
  2. Play-based learning
  3. Fine and gross motor skills development
  4. Established Music & Movement Curriculum
  5. Holistic teaching method focusing on character development
  6. Understanding of music dynamics, tempo, rhythm and pitch
  7. Develop strengths in language, imagination, creativity, cognitive and socialization skills
  8. ABRSM music theory knowledge on an introductory level
  9. A certificate of participation will be issued upon children’s completion of each term’s course work.


The framework for CDP is strongly anchored on Agape Little Uni. philosophy and core values.  The framework calls for a shared and reflective approach to character development and learning. Central to this framework is the character building cycle: Be, Do, Reflect and Act. The character building cycle is also a representation of how learning experiences are planned and carried out in the classrooms and communities.


Agape Little Uni. aims to develop young children to be valuable and responsible members of their families, communities and the society. Upon completion of CDP and beyond, every child will become a:

  • Caring Citizen
  • Self-Directed Learner
  • Principled Individual
  • Active Inquirer
  • Effective Communicator