Our programme aim to develop the Agape child to loves him/herself, and to love others as self; uses wisdom to discern right from wrong; values integrity and seeks to live an honest life; possesses incredible passion to do things well and strives for excellence in all undertakings; and demonstrates discipline and tenacity to withstand all odds to fulfill a dream.


Infant Age Group: 2 mths. -17 mths.

Our Infant and Toddler Programme focuses on daily interactions, relationships and experiences with children and their families. The success of infant and toddler programme lies on our daily interactions with the children and their families. We place great emphasis on home-school experiences in our curriculum as parents are the first teachers of children and they are irreplaceable. The roles of our Educarers are to support the families in developing children holistically.

Activities with infants and toddlers include the integration of various learning areas such as language, music appreciation and motor skills development. They are achieved through storytelling, songs & rhymes and sensorial games.

We see routine care as part of the curriculum. Routine care provides opportunities for bonding and interactions. Schedules for infant and toddler programme are flexible and accommodating to individual needs.