Our programme aim to develop the Agape child to loves him/herself, and to love others as self; uses wisdom to discern right from wrong; values integrity and seeks to live an honest life; possesses incredible passion to do things well and strives for excellence in all undertakings; and demonstrates discipline and tenacity to withstand all odds to fulfill a dream.


Nursery 2 Age Group: 3 yrs.- 4 yrs. 

Kindergarten 1  Age Group: 4 yrs. – 5 yrs.

Kindergarten 2  Age Group: 5 yrs. -6 yrs.

Our Inquiry-based learning programme (IBL) focuses on children’s innate abilities to explore, communicate and make meaning of the world they live in. IBL equips children with the 21st century skills to prepare them for success in an ever-changing world.

Using a systematic approach to inquiry, children combine the use of process skills (e.g. observation, communication, data handling) to find the answers to their questions. Children learn to think critically and solve real life problems.

Every unit of work is purposefully selected. The content of each unit is significant to children’s current experiences or issues around the world. Skills and knowledge such as language, literacy, mathematics and arts are integrated into each unit of work through engaging and relevant learning experiences in the classrooms and beyond.