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share-a-bag-feature-websiteWithout a doubt, there is mounting global awareness of the environmental impact stemming from our pervasive use of plastic. Flimsy single-use plastic bags in particular have been labelled as one of the biggest polluters, and Singapore has one of the world’s highest consumption rate.

In partnership with the National Library Board (NLB) to springboard the “Read With Me: A Book A Day Reading Campaign” in 2022, the students and educators at Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas had been working on promoting a community of avid readers. The campaign was aimed at creating opportunities for reading aloud to children of 6 years and below. Through this, children would read at least a book a day in school, and were also encouraged to explore literature, prints and the interesting world of knowledge through books.

With this campaign of building a great love for reading in our students, a continued collaboration with the NLB was the first on our minds to push forth a meaningful follow-up to the campaign, and to tie in the learning of the children in relation to advocacy for sustainable living as part of our children’s inquiry on the theme of “Sharing the Planet”.

“The ultimate test of man’s conscience may not be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.” – Gaylord Nelson
What is this Inquiry about?

agape-little-uni-gambas-recycle-photoagape-little-uni-gambas-recycling-activityAs part of our inquiry on the theme of “Sharing the planet”, the children from Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas embarked on a learning journey to find out more about how they could contribute to doing their part to save the earth. Following from our previous ideas on sustainable living, the children had been doing their best to practise the concept of reducing, reusing and recycling (3R’s) and living out a green lifestyle with our “Bring Your Own Lunch Box” initiative from the previous year.




Ready to kickstart a fresh idea to spread awareness and conclude our learning with an impact, we researched on many other ideas that had been adopted and practised in our community. Some interesting ideas that the children came across included the sharing of umbrellas at crosswalks, bringing your own shopping bag at the supermarkets and even returning of trays in public eating spaces. These practices not only built awareness on sustainable living, but also served as a great way to support and instil action for community oneness and upholding of values in each individual to be a responsible member of the society.

The Big Idea

Led by the main project coordinator, Ms Chai Xueqi, and the team of educators, the inspiration of our very own “Share-A-Bag” initiative was born to combine both objectives of bringing on the spirit and love for reading, as well as the importance of living green into one meaningful advocacy. Anchoring on the idea to eliminate the excessive use of plastic bags, we collaborated with the National Library Board (NLB), Sembawang Public Library to advocate for the usage of reusable bags as well as build a community of avid readers. This is done by setting up a booth where public would have the access to donated reusable bags which can be used for carrying books that are borrowed or returned. Members of the public are also encouraged to donate and contribute to the sharing stand for others to enjoy using the bags.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan
Bringing This Idea To Life

Working closely alongside the Sembawang Public Library, the project will be on display from 1 September 2022 to 31 December 2022, to push for joint advocacy of reading with the use of a sustainable lifestyle choice. The children from Agape Little Uni ” Gambas also created posters to advocate this meaningful initiative, as their pledge to reduce the use of plastic, and this is on display at the booth. We look forward to everyone visiting the booth and join us in advocating for sustainable lifestyle choices as well as being readers for life! We hope to start small in making that difference in our community by contributing and using the recyclable bags even after the project run for many years to come. Let’s save the earth, share the planet and “Share-a-bag” today!

“We believe that collaboration plays an important role in achieving sustainable development goals.”


Sharing session at Sembawang Public Library

On 13 November 2022, our educators gave an advocacy talk at the Sembawang Public Library and enjoyed a good turnout. They conducted an interactive storytelling session about Abby, Jo and her friends and their adventure to the library. Through the story of Saving Caleb, the audience realised the importance of utilising reusable bags, and was able to participate in a question and answer segment with the speakers. The audience was encouraged to share their thoughts on the harmful effects of plastics and its impact on aquatic life and our environment.

Yellow Flame Award – School Green Awards (SGA)











In addition, we were proud to have attained the Yellow Flame award at this year’s Singapore Environment Council (SEC)’s School Green Awards 2022. Sowing seeds of sustainability in our children is a part of Agape Little Uni.’s curriculum. From “Share-A-Bag” initiative, recycling activities to “Bring your own lunch box” initiative, Agape Little Uni. educates our children on the importance of cultivating eco-friendly habits for a greener future.

Let’s continue to work towards Saving Tomorrow with Changes Today!


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