The Agape Little Uni. SPARK Journey

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What Is SPARK?

The SPARK assessment is an accreditation process for preschools as a mark on quality education. The aim of SPARK is to provide the recognition and support for preschools in their efforts to provide quality teaching and learning on top of processes in order to ensure the holistic development of the young learners in which we work with (ECDA,2022).

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At The Pinnacle Of Excellence, SPARK Awards 2022  

In 2022, we congratulate our centres, Agape Little Uni. @ Choa Chu Kang and Agape Little Uni. @ Jurong West for their successful recertification, alongside Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas for attaining a certification with commendation. 

Achievement Of SPARK Commendation (Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas)

This year, we are exceptionally proud of all our centres that have managed to clinch their recertifications with success. We want to especially congratulate Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas for being the first of our centres to receive the Certificate of Commendation which is the highest SPARK accreditation recognition possible. Hence, we are very proud of the team’s achievements as a centre of excellence in their short operation time of 3 years, led by Mentor Principal, Ms Jasmine Chua and Vice Principal Ms Corrinne Cheong. 

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Taking A Peep Into Our Award Winning Environment

We applaud the team for their relentless efforts and would like to also take this opportunity to give all our families a little glimpse into our wonderful learning environment that has been approved and acknowledged by ECDA in terms of our engaging and holistic learning environment for children and families. 

Some of the highlights would definitely be how our environment has lived out its reputation as a school of inquiry, with the use of provocations, effective learning areas and concept driven activities to drive our children through authentic and meaningful engagement on a daily basis. We do so with the adoption of the Reggio Emilia principles of environment design which speaks specifically about intentional use of the environment as the third teacher, as well as efforts to engineer opportunities for children to construct their own knowledge through play. 

Assessment of our children is also a very crucial aspect of our learning process as our educators curate differentiated learning experiences for each child’s unique persona through a series of in depth assessment of their learning and needs. This culture transcends strongly through our centre, as educators take priority in leading meaningful learning that is suited to each child’s needs by first, understanding who they are.

Parent and community engagement was another amazing aspect carried out to effectively reach out as advocates even during the COVID time to provide learning journey’s, project work and even communication and education through innovative approaches such as zoom workshops, virtual trips and more. 

Across Agape Little Uni., we use inquiry as our vehicle to drive learning and our unique I-STREAM programme as our focus and pillar to seamlessly weave all academic subjects such as phonics, language, the various learning domains and even primary school transition into a culture. We are glad to be acknowledged by the ministry for our efforts and effective structures put in place to be able to successfully live out our promise. 


ECDA Conference 2022 Feature

We are also proud to share that the Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas team was also featured in the ECDA conference 2022 with Ms Jasmine Chua representing Agape Little Uni. to share our success story and achievements with our industry counterparts. We thank all families and friends for your support and well wishes for all our teams during the conference and award ceremony which has finally resumed as a live event this year after the COVID pandemic struck.


Giving Thanks

It was definitely not an easy journey and much pressure is definitely always on the team to be able to live out our dream. However, we believe that quality comes with high expectations, quality leadership and a robust curriculum and system. Hence we strongly believe that SPARK standards should be what a quality centre should work towards. That being said, we give thanks to all our educators and operation team members in the centres and headquarters who have relentlessly gave their 120% for the children and to support the teaching team. We learnt that change is the only constant, and thus, being current was the best solution.

It is only because of the dedication and support from our families and friends across Agape, that the team was able to push through this gruelling process, to emerge as champions in advocacy for an effective programme. Thus, this award definitely goes to the team as a mark of achievement and acknowledgement to each and every of our Agapian teacher’s as quality educators who live out our TRUE values. Thank you once again for the love and support and a hearty congratulations to all our amazing centre leaders, and teams for their SPARK achievements. 


“The journey was definitely full of new challenges at every turn, with a new team to lead and new initiatives to live out each year. However, I am blessed to work with such a passionate team who worked towards a common goal and never feared to push our limits as trail blazers. Hence, our achievements today, with this shared vision that our children and families deserve the best quality of preschool education.” 

– Ms Jasmine Chua


“获此殊荣,内心无比激动, 但我深知,这荣耀应该归功于 Gambas全体员工。我们之所以可以获得幼儿培育署的颁发“Spark”最高分数优质认证,让 Gambas 挤身于新加坡优质幼儿园的行列,使爱加倍的教育事业登上一个新的里程碑,这离不开爱加信高层的支持、校长 Ms Jasmine 及副校长Ms Corrinne 的领导,全体教师、文员、清洁员工、厨师的群策群力。感谢爱加倍给了我发挥的平台与施展空间。今日的荣耀,让我拥有更多的激情和动力。感恩!” 

– Ms Hsu Ying


“It was an unbelievable feeling upon hearing the good news! I was mainly happy that the efforts of the staff did not go to waste and how deserving they were to help the centre achieve such a prestigious award! Gambas is truly filled with such talents who with great teamwork, support and acceptance of one another, will continue to be a force to be reckon with! Together We Are One!” 

– Ms Corrinne Cheong


“Upon receiving the news on our SPARK (Commendation) Certification, I felt extremely proud as Agape Little Uni. @Gambas is being recognised as one of the centres with higher quality in teaching and learning practices. Our ‘heart’ work paid off! All thanks to our inspiring leader, Ms Jasmine for all her close guidance and support for keeping us well in loop of SPARK expectations and mentoring us towards our goal in becoming a centre of excellence. Not forgetting, our vice principal, seniors, mentors and fellow colleagues who stayed TRUE to their passion. It would not have been possible without them. Evidently, teamwork makes the dream work!” 

– Ms Daing Nurfarahin


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Written by Principal, Ms Jasmine Chua of Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas


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