Agape Little Uni @ Thomson: A Wonderland for Inquiring Minds

Our latest campus in Thomson boasts plenty of room for children’s curiosity and sense of wonder to take flight.

In 2021, Agape Little Uni celebrates our 26th anniversary and we are proud to welcome our brand new centre! Nestled in the heart of the Sin Ming residential neighbourhood, Agape Little Uni @ Thomson is the 12th centre added to the family. Occupying three spacious units with full length glass panels, the centre receives rays of natural light, providing an inviting atmosphere for children to engage in Inquiry-Based Learning.

Indoor Aerial Playground

Agape-Little-Uni-Thomson-Playground-K2Agape-Little-Uni-PlaygroundAt Agape Little Uni @ Thomson, we believe the environment is the child’s third teacher. Environment plays an important role in helping to spark interest in children’s learning as well as promoting their holistic development. Our intentionally-designed Eco Garden, Art Atelier, and Indoor Aerial Playground offers a plethora of investigative, exploratory, and experiential learning opportunities for our children.

Playgrounds are essential safe spaces for play and play is the work of children. Whilst children are having fun in our Aerial Playground, they are definitely getting a full body workout done!

“For children as young as 18 months, playtime in the playground is vital in building gross motor skills such as balancing and climbing,” said Teacher Lia of the Smart Toddlers class.
Eco Garden


Agape-Little-Uni-Eco-Garden-N1Agape-Little-Uni-Thomson-Eco-Garden-K2Over at our Eco- Garden, children bask in our man-made greenery as they learn about urban farming and traditional farming. Teacher Lee Ying, from the Nursery 1 class, shared that the Eco-Garden is a great place for preschoolers to engage their senses. “When children explore the Eco-Garden, they develop a sense of wonder for the natural world as they observe and learn to care for the plants.” Our older preschoolers have a bigger responsibility in the Eco-Garden; from planting to harvesting to maintaining the space.

Art Atelier


Imagination and creativity comes alive in our Art Atelier, where a wide range of art and craft tools and materials are readily available for children to experiment and create with. In this space, children are empowered to make decisions, be inventive and participate in art collaborations.

“通过照料生态花园,孩子们发现了植物与人类和环境的共生关系,这鼓励他们欣赏自然和生命的奇迹” said Tian laoshi, Chinese Teacher of the Kindergarten 2 class.





To learn more about the centre’s curriculum and learning environment, fill up the registration form to schedule a visit to Agape Little Uni. @ Thomson!

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