Together as one, united we stand, divided we fall

This means coming together in order to stand as one and help each other when in need. This saying can only come alive with a positive attitude and a open mindset. Everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about thus it is important to be kind and see everyone as one of us.

Ways to show these attitudes in our daily lives have always been the topic discussed in the Character Development lessons in our classrooms. Character building involves the matters of the heart and it is only through the actions and reflections that we can see the changes in the thoughts of our children.  Covid 19 is a time where all the learnings were put into practice. Here is one such moment to share with you.

The children at Agape Little Uni came TOGETHER AS ONE to put colourful bottle caps into a beautiful and attractive momento with captions. These wall hangings were presented to the health care workers at three clinics near Yew Tee MRT station as our tokens of appreciation.

It was an exciting week as the children were eager to know which clinic had their tokens of love. It was a fulfilling experience for the staff too, to see the smiles on the faces of our healthcare workers when they received the little gifts.

AGAPE will continue to take small little steps to educate the children to stand together as one and continue the journey to shape the BEACONS FOR TOMORROW.

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