Transforming Work Environment and Culture

Case Study on Transforming Work Environment and Culture

Creating a Supportive Culture at Agape Little Uni. @ Jurong West with Mdm Lee Chin Yen


When Mdm Lee Chin Yen joined the centre as its principal, she noticed the team’s morale was low. Many educators reported feeling very stressed, and several went on to resign. There were also educators who were not carrying out tasks as instructed.

Good Practice in Action

Mdm Lee decided she needed to understand her team better and build a functioning relationship with her staff. She found that there was a need for educators to be heard, supported and cared for so she began adjusting her leadership style and spent more time listening.

To improve the work culture, she included feedback on teamwork during classroom observations. Educators were also encouraged to observe their colleagues at work and share the lessons they learned from each other. In addition, they were empowered to lead projects to build a sense of achievement.

Finally, Mdm Lee sought to increase appreciation for educators through talent shows and celebrations like Mother’s Day. Parents who participated in centre activities were encouraged to express their appreciation either verbally, or through evaluation forms.


Teamwork in the centre began to improve and educators become more willing to step up to help each other overcome challenging situations.

  • Focus on creating a safe environment where educators are comfortable voicing their opinions and trying new things
  • Leaders should lead by example to encourage buy-in of new initiatives
  • Be patient, as it will take time for educators to adjust to the new way of working


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