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Agape Little Uni.’s Philosophy is to Build Firm Foundations in children to prepare them for success in life. For a child to be successful, we strongly believe in cultivating strong values in him/her. The future of education is not totally about getting the children to read, write or count, but it is about their abilities to adapt to new situations. We want to prepare our children to be the forerunners of character. No matter how successful our children are in their future endeavours, what define and differentiate our children from the rest are their positive character and morals.

Our firm belief in Character Development leads us to adopt and develop the INQUIRY-BASED LEARNING (IBL) Curriculum. Agape Little Uni. IBL Curriculum is progressive. The content grows in depth as our children grow and develop with us. Driven by concepts and questions, learning experiences are relevant to current trends in the world and the learning needs of young children.

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