YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards 2022 Winners

YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards Feature

Congratulations to our K2 students, Avalyn Cheow and Kayler Teo from Agape Little Uni. @ Gambas for winning the YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards 2022 (Pre-school Category)! Led by teacher Ms Saw En Shin, our students emerged from over 700 candidates to be among the top 10 achievers.

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YMCA Plain English Speaking Awards 2022 is an annual National speech contest organised by YMCA of Singapore in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Speak Good English Movement.

Our children confidently express themselves through their stories during the competition and made an impression on the crowd with their astonishing stage presence while showcasing the 21st century skills and resilience.

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Why public speaking skills are essential to our children?

“Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” – from the popular philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson

The basics of effective communication skills and public speaking skills are part of our pedagogy to train children to capture their audience’s attention and be able to express their thoughts confidently. These are essential skills to help children in their future educational journey and adulthood. Let’s have a look at the benefits of practising public speaking skills in early childhood.

Builds Confidence

Public speaking skills can help children to express themselves clearly and share their thoughts/feelings effectively to connect better with the people around them. It helps to build their confidence as they may feel valued for the ideas and opinions they have contributed.

Develops Critical Thinking Skills & Improves Performance In Academic Areas

Writing a speech for public speaking requires your child to research and construct their information before presenting to the audience. This helps to develop their critical thinking skills as they have to analyse and evaluate the information objectively to form a judgement or solve a problem. Public speaking skills can improve your child’s communication skills, critical thinking, listening skills, etc that helps to improve their overall academic performance.

Empowers Your Child To Overcome Fears

Through the public speaking platform, it helps your child to overcome fear of conveying their opinions as it will build the confidence in them. Being able to communicate with others and express their opinions and feelings without fear, it will help them to navigate the often difficult situations.

At Agape Little Uni., children are prepared for lifelong learning through our inquiry-based learning curriculum to gain important soft skills that allow them to be adaptive for future education and become efficient communicators.

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